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Buying a web franchise business

With 14 years experience under our belts in a successful UK franchise business we have been asked many, many questions, addressed a multitude of concerns, helped untangle worries and been part of countless exciting business planning exercises with our franchisees and we would like to share some of the more common questions and ideas:

Can I make contact with current franchisees?
Yes, absolutely, we encourage you to chat as much as possible within our existing network.

What is your viability and profitability record?
We are proud to go through all our financials as part of Step 3 in our Expansion Face to Face Meeting and you can see out track record and how much profit you can and will make.

What are your development strategies/on-going product and service development in this ever-changing internet world?
Working with an internet-based, digital franchise means we have to keep bang up to date with all online developments and our technical and marketing teams at Head Office work very hard to bring you through on-going training and updates to help you offer the most relevant and up to date advice and services to your clients. We also have very active two-way network communication so we learn from you and your clients and vice versa.

What will I need to do to succeed?
Take a look in our About You tab - there is a great check list of actions we know will ensure you succeed - our top franchisees follow these tips day in, day out and they are reaping the financial rewards big time.

Is it a competitive marketplace? How will I differentiate my website business?
You may feel you hear a lot about designing and building websites and the need for good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get your Google Ranking up, but the truth is the market is so vast and the competition so fragmented that together we have a rich and responsive market to target.
You will differentiate yourself with a combination of our market-leading website products and your skilled sales and marketing approach.

What Levels of training and support will I get?
We love training, many of the team are trainers in their particular field - in fact we are training mad! Have a look at our Training & Support tab and you will see you are trained at every stage of your development

Does it matter if I am not a 'technical' person?
Not at all - the Positively Online Support team become your in-house creative design team and your website builders - whatever technical or marketing questions your clients ask we always have the answers and skills to back you up. You can therefore concentrate on getting in front of as many local businesses as possible to build your revenue.

Useful sites to help you in your franchise decision-making and business planning:

So find out more - take a look through the site as we give you a flavour for our unique business model - now in its 14th year - then simply call us on 0114 30 30 420, email us on info@positivelyonlinewebfranchise.co.uk or complete the Franchise Information Request Form. We look forward to our first chat.